Why Does God Always Test Us?

I’ve been working full-time for myself for about a year now.  It’s been one of the most spiritual experiences that I’ve ever encountered.  So many new people have come into my life, for good or bad.  I’ve had so any rewarding moments that have left me feeling on top of the world.  Unfortunately, 70% of the time I’ve felt the opposite.  There are so many uncertainties and disappointments that I endure.

Whereas most people would give up and find a job, working for somebody else, I’ve stuck it out and the business and my lifestyle is gradually getting better— though business has remained challenging.  I don’t sell retail products and I don’t provide a traditional service; I’m an investor.  I have to spend money in order to make money.  My goal is to make my money back as soon as I can in order to spend more money and keep the process growing, so I can survive (and hopefully thrive).

As I write this, I’m currently playing a waiting game for a few deals to close out.  I cannot invest in new properties because my capital is tied up.  Imagine not making money, meanwhile your bills and living expenses are ever so present.  It’s frustrating.

I have this one home, that just will not sell.  I don’t get it, because it’s a great home! I bought it thinking that it would sell very quickly.  I spent money fixing it up and instead of selling fast, I believe that it is cursed.   When I say there are a lot of disappointments, here is what I mean.  I’ve sold the house 3 times already and each time the person buying the property was not approved by the community that the home was located in.

I even had contract filled out for another couple who pulled a last minute con-artist story, claiming that they were moving to Boston.  Instead of telling me that they weren’t interested, they literally had a scripted argument filled with drama (between one another) to back out of the deal.  I know they were lying, cause the women responded to an ad that I had for another home.

I’m not complaining, because this is the path that I have chosen, by being an investor in a market segment that I chose.  I’ll admit there are times in which I just want to scream and cry of anger.  And sometimes I do throw fits and ask God, why?  You see, I’m doing everything that I can possibly do, within logical reason, to make this home sell.  I even pray every night and have marketed this property aggressively.

My patience is being tested and so is my faith.

I’m doing my best to keep a positive mental attitude about it, but each month this home isn’t sold, I’m losing a lot of money.  It just seems that nothing has worked in my favor thus far.  I do have the home on contract for the 4th time right now and I’m awaiting the results for their community approval.  I’m hoping that this will be it and that I’ll be done with this experience.  It’s been painful.

All I want in life is to be happy.  In order to take my mind off this property (at times) I’ve found many distractions to help alleviate the frustration.

So why is this happening?  Why am I getting drowned in a crappy situation?  Why won’t this home just go the fuck away? Some christian friends have suggested that God is about giving us strength, not about playing tricks on us (that is the Devils work, which may suggest the reason for being tested).

Good/bad entities aside,  I guess these tests are purposely fitted to us, so that we can stay honest with ourselves and be more humble, while creating the opportunity for us to make the right decisions.  It takes work to overcome challenges.  And for me, this situation has made me feel little at times.  Is it the universes goal to help me find the strength to keep going on?  Is this my make it or break it moment?  I feel like it is.

I do know that if I can sell this house on the terms for which I seek, my life will be in such a better position moving forward.  The experience, although very uncomfortable, has been rewarding in the sense that I’ve learned a lot about my market, particular aspects that make a home sell and I’ve learned of people that I can trust or distrust.  This home has crossed so many new energies on my path.  I’ve been trained to contain my excitement about the potentially good opportunities that I come across.  One thing that I’ve learned is that people can be so flakey and dishonest.  It’s mind boggling to me because I’m a very sincere person that is pretty upfront.  There have been so many people that have played me.  It’s crazy!

As challenging as this has been to cope with, it’s certainly brought me back to reality a bit.  In some sense I’ve become more cautious, although I just want to be secure and free.  The only thing that I can do is just keep pressing on.  Besides my faith and patience being tested, my resiliency is being tested.  What I do know is that I’ll be way more advanced once this challenge is overcome.

God constantly tests us.  Without the pain and suffering, there would be no growth.  This training is constant throughout our lives.  It’s up to us to stay persistent and keep an eye out for the signs that the universe presents us.  Whether it’s your personal life, health or business, you just have to keep on moving forward, while never giving up.  Have faith that the spoken word will assist you during crisis or even the good times.

I cannot wait to achieve my goals.  I feel like I so much to offer the world when that times comes.  Right now I have to focus on me and it hurts that I feel the need to wait, but I know that once I surpass this test (not the house, but the whole process of attaining freedom and financial stability) will be more beneficial to those who cross my path.

Thank you god.  I am grateful for your tests as I know I will over come them and become a stronger person!


Not even two hours went by after creating this article that I heard some news about a deal that I’m working on.  My buyer for a home needed to sell their home in order to buy a new place.  Well, today was her closing day.  Guess what happened?  A flash flood, flooded their basement and halted the sale of their home, which in turn, halted the deal that I’m working on.

It’s freakish that things like this happen at the last minute.  I wonder if this article had anything to do with it.  Did I challenge god?  Not sure what to think of it, but I will prevail.



Addicted to Driving Long Road Trips – part 1

I’ve done it again.   Actually I’ve done it twice since my last post (which was forever ago).  I like to drive.  I live for the freedom that comes with driving long distances.  In the past 3 months I’ve driven nearly 10,000 miles by myself.   Most people would be bored or scared of that task, but not me, I’m a ROAD WARRIOR!

My first trip was to visit family on the east coast for Christmas, to New Jersey (from Colorado, via rt. 70).  It’s been 3 1/2 years since I drove to Colorado, so I figured that it was time to make my way back–this time, having a self-proclaimed status of being a road trip veteran.  3 days on the road ain’t shit, although challenges are always presented, generally around winter.

The wind gusts swirled through Colorado’s eastern plains and carried with them a whiteout of snow.  Visibility was horrendous. Tractor trailers were overturned and the highway was closed.    All that was left was were county roads that was were being taken over by snow and ice.   When I say taken over, I mean patches of snow that would pop out of nowhere, sometimes 6 inches deep.  It was pretty nerve wrecking, especially when an old, local lady at the gas station tole me to plan on waiting for 3+ hours until the highway patrol cleared an accident.  She said that I’d be crazy to take the county roads, so I went ahead and made my move.  I was only 2 hours into my 38 hr. drive and I couldn’t wait that long to get driving.  I had people to see and places to be.

I made it through the county road and there were several times when I said to myself, that I should have listened to her.  Low and behold, I made it to the highway and things only got more hectic.  Tractor trailers were driving besides me, the wind was super powerful and the visibility was zero.  It’s pretty scary when you’re going 40 miles per hour in those conditions. My car was shaking and I couldn’t see anything in front of me.

Once I got to Burlington, CO everything was good.  Kansas was a piece of cake, however because I left at like 9 A.M., I decided to rest at KC.  The next morning I drove to Bloomington, Indiana which is a really cool college town/intellectual hub of Indiana.  I was surprised at how diverse the restaurants are over there.  I met up with an old friend and his family for a fine Turkish meal.  The next day I drove 11 hrs. to the Philly area and stayed with some family for a few days, then drove up to home, in North Jersey.  It was good to be back.

When I drove back to Colorado, I decided to take a southern approach to avoid the cold, stormy weather.  I also just wanted another new route.   Driving through new cities and scenery is way more fun than driving through the same paths and seeing the same sights.

I took 95 S to 85 s to 4o w.  It was a great drive.  The first day, I drove about 6-7 hrs and met up with a friend from elementary school in Richmond, Virginia.  She took me out to her favorite bar (forgot the name) and we got pretty sloshed.  Well, needless to say, I went to bed late that night and woke up early, hungover and back on the road.  Definitely not recommended.  That took me to within 100 miles of Nashville.  The Appalachian drive was great.  I always wanted to see that part of the country.  To no surprise a lot of it is still pretty Podunk.  The Smokey Ridge region was gorgeous.  I’d love to check out Asheville someday.  I know I’d love it.

Which brings me saying, unless I’m going to stop and sleep in a town, I generally do not stop for anything (unless gas or bio break).  I pass through places, I observe the geography and make mental notes of where I want to be again.

The following day I drove a nice stretch from TN to OKC.   I was excited to finally see Ozark country, but in all honesty wasn’t overly impressed with what I saw on rt. 40.  I know that by being on the highway, that’s not a real fair assessment, but it reminded me of the Catskills in NY.  I figured it would be that.   The Smokey’s were very hilly and had a few nice peaks.  The highway goes through the mts. on the NC/TN border.

I got to OKC and stayed at a Motel 6.  Motel 6 is by far the biggest dump of a motel.  However it’s generally the cheapest place to stay.  I get the vibe that Motel 6 is where all the felons in hiding linger…

The next morning, I had an easy (or so I thought) 9-10 drive to Boulder.  Instead of driving through Kansas and back onto 70 W, I decided to stay on 40 W, so I can finally see what North Texas was all about.  Before I hit the road, I filled up my gas tank at $1.65 per gallon.  That was shockingly phenomenal.

So, North Texas didn’t really have anything to see.  It was rather kind of boring.  I saw some windmills, but didn’t really see anything until I reached Amarillo.  Amarillo is Texas’s largest northwestern city and once I reached this point, I got off at an exit and headed for some county roads.

This may have been the most regretful decisions that I’ve ever made.  I had about a quarter tank left and had plenty of opportunities to find a gas station.  I figured that I’d find a station once I exited off the highway.  Well, I didn’t see a station right away, so I decided to proceed.  I mean, I was in city limits and there would be suburbs of course (that was the Jersey guy in me thinking).   Well, to my surprise, there was nothing in sight.

One would think, why don’t I just turn around?  Well, the night before they must have gotten a snow/ice storm, so the roads were choppy and there was no place to pull over.   The roads were only two lane and big trucks were driving 60 mhp, plus I had some dude on my tail the whole time.  I couldn’t hit the breaks and turn, so I kept driving.  As the minutes went by, so did the fuel in my gas tank.

I was driving for about 40 minutes without seeing any signs of a community and was at the point of no return.   I finally came up to another intersection to 87 North and found a place to pull over.  I tried looking up gas stations on my GPS but there was no service.  I drove my car up another 25 feet and my GPS said that I was 65 miles away from the nearest station.   At this point I was getting nervous and pretty anxious.  I had a car packed with tools and this was the most non ideal place to run out of gas.  It was cold, very desolate and there wasn’t even a place to pull over.

My gas light turned on and there was still no signs of a community.  At this point, I just decided to keep driving toward my destination.  If I ran out of gas, at least I’d be closer to Colorado.  Finally, after about 10 minutes of driving with my light on, I found a village.  I pulled into this very old gas station.  I pulled up to the tank and was so confused on how to use it.  When I stepped inside the country shop, the cashier asked if I was trying to get gas.  When I said “yes,” he said that the delivery was two weeks late.

He told me that 15 miles down the road is another small town.  I was so stressed at this point.  Here I was, at a gas station and there was no gas.   Go figure.

So I drove along and got to the station, which had another ancient pump.  The cashier laughed at how I was confused and proceeded to tell me how to use it.   The gas was about dollar more in price than what I paid, but I did not care. I was so relieved.

I got back on the road and within 30 miles I passed through the next town, which had about 10 gas stations all priced within the national average.  I still didn’t care and at that point it was funny.

The short drive through New Mexico was great.  Before Raton, there are old volcanos that looked like large mountains.  It was great to be back in the west.

So I lived in Colorado for 3 1/2 years and finally saw drove I-25 from the southern most point.  Southern Colorado is way beautiful.  The mountain peaks are huge! Unlike how Boulder is in the front range, I was surprised to see how Colorado Springs and other towns were surrounded by mountains.  It kind of made Boulder seem like any other mountain town.

It was a good trip!

Aubrey Marcus and Mitch Schultz Make A New Film

Mitch and Aubrey team up to create a documentary about shamanic healing with San Pedro, or what is natively known as Huachuma.  Unlike most films about shamanic healing, there is not a “psychedelic” component of flashy colors and trippy designs to the  footage.  Mitch captures the diverse life of the jungle.  The footage is absolutely beautiful.  On a side note, the soundtrack is fantastic as well.  Enjoy!


Click Here To See The Movie

Giving and Receiving

As I read more about Spiritual Law and how to control thoughts I’m now focussing on finding ways toward giving.  Helping people makes me feel good, but beyond that, there is a little saying called “You cannot get without giving.”  It’s lifestyle choice that has been recognized throughout history.

Any chance that I get, I’m going to make that extra effort to lift people’s spirits.  It may be a friend that is down, or a stranger that is looking for friends, sharing a meal or making somebody laugh–I’m going to be receptive and compassionate.   I’ll do this by sharing my experiences or by lending observations to relate and uplift their soul.  I’m talking about sending high vibrations, but more importantly, making a positive impact.

Everybody comes to our lives for a purpose.  I like to think that everyone is my teacher.  It could be a wise person that stimulates intellectual thoughts, a complete jerk that tests my patience and anger management.   There is always a reason behind our interactions and everything is somehow connected.

With that being said, besides feeling good about making a positive difference, there are certain rewards that are gained by giving.  As a person that has a lot of goals outside of the traditional, mainstream paths, I’m looking to manifest big things.  And because of that my wishes take precedent over the normal 30 year olds lifestyle.  There is a lot that I want from the universe.

Here is a good quote that I found, which is an old adage mentioned in the “Secret of the Ages” by Robert Collier.   “He [who] profits most, serves best.”  If I think about successful people, I think about the exterior activities they partake in aside of work.  A lot of people offer some type of service to humanity.   This is how Karmic Law works.

I’ve spent several months trying to figure out ways of how I can help people.  I was always thinking the bigger picture.  But, like many people, I’m just not there yet.  So, it can be the simplest form of thoughtfulness, however that slight effort of a positive energy exchange can go a long way.  I have faith that one day this will come back to me and serve toward my dreams.   While the positive effects build up, I’ll then be able to do something much bigger.  For my wish is to have more time and financial freedom, so I can live to give.

That is my call to the universe.

SeekersWay Moving Forward

As mentioned in my previous post about “Honing in on the Dream Life“, SeekersWay is taking a new direction as new influences have come into my life.   The site was originally supposed to be the premier site about psychedelics (whatever the hell that means).   Although I am proud of the content that I created, such as my interviews, it’s time to expand the content of this site, by introducing other paths.  Surprisingly, with the little work that I’ve completed, I’ve had  a lot of people contact me about making new content such as interviews or book reviews.  Yes, this blog has actually created unimaginable opportunities.  Which is a total surprise being that I never receive comments on the articles.

There’s no doubt that I’ll still write about the founding subjects, however there are also other topics out there that can make just as much of a difference to ones life.  I’m a firm believer that if you learn about different subjects, whether drastically different or not, they somehow can all relate and serve as a purpose.  That purpose for this site, is “Seeking a Way.” This is my journey and I’m not just listening to some dudes philosophies on expanding my mind to other dimensions.

The bottom line is that the reality that we live in–the one that occupies most of our time–is the one that we must be most coherent in.  It’s my goal to introduce new subject matter that may impact your life the most.

Again, believe it or not, I’m a busy man.  As much as I’d love to write and market this site, I just can’t.  So be patient as I will introduce new books to read and other subjects.