6,000 Miles on the Road Alone : Understanding the Law of Attraction

Rd Trip
Rough Idea of My Route

It’s been a year for the ages that only some could dream about living.  I’m beyond grateful that I actually had this opportunity to take advantage of.  For some people, time spent alone is scary or boring.   For me, it’s a priceless setting for personal development and spiritual awakening.  One could say that I’m a veteran at traveling the inner depths of my consciousness, but substances weren’t needed for self-discovery this time around, nor was there a desire for them.

The 6,000 mile drive lasted about 3 1/2 weeks and certainly endured a handful of hiccups that added to the adventure.  My goal of this trip was to take a tour of the national parks,the mountain west, the northwest, the coast, some deserts and some basin landscape.  Simply put it, I just wanted to get away and be a traveling gypsy, living out of my car or tent, for a few weeks.   Isolation was desired.

I now look at the Colorado front range as the midwest.   The western region of the U.S. is gigantic and sparse (see my next post about the places I visited).  I figured with this time off, there will never be another chance of having “this specific” endeavor.  I’ve always heard about these hotspots and they’ve always intrigued me.  Fueling to the fire was the chance to add to a growing legacy that I intend of fulfilling.


I’ll admit, that before I jumped into my car, three weeks sounded really long and slightly intimidating.  However, the second I put my foot on the pedal, I was more than prepared, from a mental perspective, to explore.  I wasn’t exactly sure what my thoughts would be or where they would lead me.  Luckily, while in the Peruvian Amazon, I met somebody who ultimately influenced my mind state, by sharing with me a 14 disc seminar, regarding the Laws of Attraction.

I had these disks sitting on my computer for several months, but I was just waiting for the proper setting to play through the tracks.  My friend told me, “you have to listen to the disks [which were mp3s] four to five times in a row, consecutively.”  That seemed like an arduous task, so I held onto them.  Little did I know, that these disks, which I received nearly five months before, in addition to the god-like features in the landscape, would become the catalyst for inspiration that I so desired.

You see, the Seekersway, that many know “me” or the site for, is generally about shamanism, spirituality and psychedelics (which I intend on phasing out, sorry).  But there is a huge part of me, that’s on a mission to create something special from an entrepreneurial perspective.  For some reason, I have a knack of creating business ideas, however through research I’ve either found blockages, or the ideas themselves have been very comprehensive to carry out.  I guess you can say that thinking creatively and outside the box is a passion of mine.  Unfortunately there came to be blockages that prevented me from using that side of my brain.

Thankfully, my trip to Peru awoken most of those blockages, which have prevented me from believing in myself.  However my heart has been opened to so many new possibilities, that it’s been overstimulating on understanding what is real and what is not.  I love to learn and because of it, I have so many interests.  It’s been difficult following my heart, to say the least.

These disks came to me at the proper time, because it was almost like receiving post treatment to controlling thoughts, which reactively opened the channels to several new “million dollar” ideas.  I say “million dollar” because I guess they are, however the real purpose for these business ideas is to create  a conscious effort toward impacting lives, which o me, would be the most rewarding achievement of them all.

The drive allowed for me to iron out my goals and to think of what I really desire (which is a lot!).   I’m a very simple guy, but as I started defining what makes me happy, it turns out that there is a lot of stuff attached to the various emotions.  My guess, is that this is the same for anyone in the western world.  Therefore I have a lot of wishes to carry out a perfect scenario to my life, which happens to be driven by money (as with most things in life).

So Here is What I learned About My Thoughts and How to Attract Dreams

I’ve come to realize that by putting timeframes on goals, I’m actually creating a place for doubt to settle.  I have to remember that I want, wants me.  I cannot focus on the how (how to achieve my goals), because the law of attraction will make it happen.  Why? Because it’s a law.  I can’t look to the radar for it.  The law moves mountains and countless variables to make connections.

The trick is to believe and expect that the desire will happen and to act almost as if you already have what it is that you want.  In order to attract, the everyday goal is to feel good and keep feeling better.  If a dream makes you feel good, then stick with that dream.  If doubts or unsettled feelings pop up, then maybe it’s not the right dream to follow. 

One must have defined dream and have a burning desire to achieve it. So, visualize and project those thoughts! 


Learning about these techniques was mind blowing and convincing.  In fact, I’ve realized that there have been instances where I’ve unconsciously used these thinking tactics and have seen the technique work in hindsight.  I realized that this road trip was a wish that I commanded several months beforehand.  What I mean is that I was making promises to friends that I would visit them and by saying this, I believed  that this is what I would certainly be doing.  It was chilling to look back at the events that led to where I was in those moments.

Hope this inspires you somehow….