A Podcast With Daniel Vitalis – Herbalist and Nature Based Philosopher

Daniel Vitalis was the guest on One Radio Networks “The Morning Show” with Patrick Timpone.  This was a very interesting podcast where Vitalis challenged listeners to harvest three different foods.

The first challenge, was to collect 5 gallons of natural spring water.  He say’s that both bottled spring water and tap water are dead because they’re produced in a lab and are sterilized.  If you’re looking to actually purify your body, bloodstream and remove toxins, then start drinking water that is from the earth and alive.  The natural spring water will act like a diarrhetic, hydrating the body much faster, than our traditional sources. He asks listeners to drink 5 gallons in a week. He suggests listeners to visit findaspring.com, to find their local spring source.

The second challenge was for listeners to start harvesting wild food, specifically berries from the forest or land.  The naturally growing foods tend to have much more nutrition than anything organically farmed, which is obviously much healthier than traditionally farmed foods and anything GMO.

Beyond increased nutrition, these foods are healthier regarding genetics.  Daniel says that today’s nutritionists are looking beyond minerals, vitamins, fats, sugars and proteins; we’re now noticing “the genetics of food are becoming more important in how they interact with our genetic makeup.” Plants have the ability to turn on or off, good and bad genes in our body. ” This is called “Nutrigenomics”

The third challenge was for listeners to find a wild herb for brewing tea.  He suggests that you can find herbs, weeds in your lawn-provided that there is no fertilizer or pesticides used in the area.  Weeds and herbs tend to grow where there is human activity, such as mowing the lawn.  He recommends that listeners search for “harvest walks” or “food walks” near their locality.

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