Ayahuasca Is Calling Me In My Dreams

So, I’ve mentioned before that I have intentions on visiting the Peruvian Amazon. That idea just became a reality, as I’m days away from finalizing my plans.

Sadly, since I sparingly take off from work, I’ve accumulated 3.1 weeks worth of vacation. Lately I’ve been hit hard with the notion of having regrets, say, if something happened to my health. The fear of having that empty feeling on a deathbed makes me want to live. I’ve seen what it looks like from a first-hand experience. It’s the most common emotion expressed during the process of death.

In response to this, I’ve started to plan out a trip in which I had intended on taking during dry season (somewhere around June). My original plans were to first visit Iquitos, Peru for a ceremonious experience and jungle excursion. Then fly to Puerto Maldonado (known by locals as “Tambopata” for a ceremony and another jungle excursion. After that trip, I wanted to fly to Cusco, Peru and start my trek on the Inca Trail, to visit ancient Inca sites, such as Machu Picchu. Pretty epic, right?

Unfortunately, airfare to and from two jungle sites is expensive and these plans would put me out of work for 3 weeks. Not that 3 weeks is too much for me, but I do have debts to pay off and my job would not accept that. So, what am I supposed to do? Can I even wait until summer to take a vacation?

I spoke with a few people and they were able to recognize that I need a timeout. It was evident, that I need to do some soul searching. I got caught up in confusion about figuring out what it is that I can do, to be happy, within my career path. It’s unfortunate that health care and debts weigh us down. I realize that nothing comes easy and nobody is going to hand you anything for free, in this world, so that is why I was caught thinking about this stuff.

Luckily for me, I had a wonderful dream. In this dream, I landed in Iquitos and found myself amongst a group of people, in a what seemed like a group retreat. I’ve never tried ayahuasca, so I have no first-hand experiences of the taste, the initial feeling or where my mind necessarily goes, but I did acknowledge a change in the way I perceived my surroundings. In my dream, I took the small ceramic cup and drank the ayahuasca, which tasted bitter. After that contact, I stood up and noticed that butterfly feeling one gets when they consume psychedelic mushrooms. I also was able to think clearer and my defense barriers were down. The people were asked to mimic animals and then I woke up.

I thought this was a really neat dream. I heard the word ayahuasca be said several times. I even spoke a little Spanish in the dream.

I wanted to share my plans with a women I know, named Boa. She’s been all over the Amazon, drinking ayahuasca and eating San Pedro- in highly controlled ceremonious places, of course.

With that in mind, I opened up my email to write to her. Ironically, she had already connected with me, before I was able to reach out to her. She sent over a few event flyers and then my options became even greater.

I thought to myself, “man, this must be a sign.” She told me that my dream had a lot of meaning behind it. I was blown away that she made contact with me about this subject, as I was about to write to her. How synchronistic? Because of these two events, I’ve now committed to visiting the Peruvian Amazon in less than two months (wet season) for a 9 day, 8 night, 5 day ayahuasca ceremony, with local master shamans. How cool is that?

I’ve told me my family members exactly what I’m doing. My mom doesn’t approve it, but I do feel better knowing that my family knows, why I will be there. And I’m not ashamed of it, although it does sound pretty wild and maybe crazy. It does feel normal to me. I even feel better knowing that this is an organized event, as opposed to my original plan of winging it and traveling around by word of mouth.

This will certainly be an epic trip worth a lifetime. A trip that I will always be proud of and certainly enjoy sharing. So here I come ayahuasca- I’ve heard your calling and I’m ready.

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