Channeling In Higher Intelligence – Raising Our Vibrational Frequency Levels

Lately, I’ve  been coming across people that are offering their channeling services to me.  Each time that I’ve connected with these spirits, I’ve had profound, life altering experiences.  It seems like this higher intelligence or higher form of energy, has the ability to tell me everything that I need to hear, at the right moment.  Whatever the source may be, the conversation is with white light energy.

I can understand how critics can criticize a channelers integrity.  All I can say is that I do not think anyone within our dimension can offer the advice that these energies give.  If you haven’t come across anyone that can channel, I strongly recommend seeking this experience.

As humans, we’re always seeking answers.  There are so many questions that we have.  At times, we feel so alone.  The truth is, today’s material society has conditioned us to thinking that we’re not good enough and because of it, our vibration or frequency level has been lowered.  A lowered vibration/frequency level has its effects globally.  As a result, I’d say, people are disconnected from how life is supposed to be–which is in-tune with the soul and greater good of humanity.

Today’s society has redefined the way we view success.  We’re conditioned to view success as who acquires more wealth, as in currency.   This conditioned value has people seeking ways to reach this point, instead of following the intuition that their heart desires.

In combination of our definition to success is the propaganda and negativity that is broadcasted amongst us, wherever we go (newspaper, magazines, online, television, and radio).   With  all of this combined, our frequencies are lowered and we’re conditioned to believe that we’re not good enough or that there is an attachment of attaining something, if we complete some type of action.(I.E. If I buy her these roses, she will like me more.)

All I can say is that we all fall victim to our environment.  However, there are ways to fight against the pressures of the negative energy.  These channelers have been able to outline ways for me to grow independent from the negativity that surrounds me.   It all starts with recognizing which areas are holding us back, then comes the time to detach.

I haven’t been able to observe what the long-term results are of these conversations, however, I will say that I’ve never felt better about myself, right now, therefore my frequency level is being healed.  For an understanding of what I am talking about, watch these videos.  Even though you’re not the one asking the questions, you’ll get answers to achieving your dreams or living the way your soul is meant to live.

In this video, Bashar is channeled. Bashar is not of this planet. Check out what he has to say.

Here is a documentary devoted to the gift of channeling. This video includes Bashar and other forms of life from energy to humans, from the past.