Cleansing the Air & Changing the Energy with Sage, Cedar, Palo Santo and Sweetgrass

For thousands of years, indigenous peoples have been cleansing the air and clearing space by utilizing sacred plants.  The purpose of cleaning the air is to remove or modify energies that have remained within in a space through time.  How do the energies get into a room?  Simply by having an influencing presence in a space or have it even more amplified by having a negative incident take place within that space.

Believe it or not, from a spiritual perspective, negative energy is lasting and boy, does it affect our frequency and mood.  After cleansing the negative space, it’s also possible to burn the raw materials to promote healing and good fortunes.  The space to be purified is an energy field of any size, shape or form, including one’s aura.  If it is a large area, just remember to cover the space by walking around the vicinity.

When cleaning a room it is important to remember to set an intention behind the action.  If you’re trying to remove a particular energy, then tell that energy (out loud) to leave–that you forbid it from clustering your space.  It’s also important to ask for healing if you’re using materials that promote good.  Most people just burn without commanding the spirits or energy.

The materials are generally always burned, unless you’re using an extract or oil.  Some utilize a feather, to distribute the direction of the smoke.  If you’re not using a feather, simply rotate the material in a clockwise motion to cover  or “smudge” (drive the sage into the bowl to create a smoke cloud) the area appropriately.  When covering a body, it’s always good to work from the feet, up to the head, filling the front, the sides and the back of the body with smoke.

I’ve been burning Cedar, Palo Santo and Sage, generally 1-2 times a day.  It is an effective way to change ones mood.  Besides feeling better, the area has a sweet and distinct smell–which feels clean and gets compliments from friends.

Sacred Purposes  

Sage – cleanses, dispels negative energy (white sage is the best).

*Cedar – wood that dispels negative energy, promotes healing.

Sweetgrass– Attracts positive energies. (Clear the area from negative energy before burning sweet grass).

*Palo Santo (from South America) – wood that clears misfortune, negative thought-prints, and evil spirits.

*Pro tip: the wood will get charred. Simply take a knife to shave off the excess (black) char.


Keep in mind that there are other powerful plants and herbs that have been used by sorcerers, witch doctors, medicine men, shamans, witches, alchemists, and other far eastern, indigenous or pagan cultures.