Giving and Receiving

As I read more about Spiritual Law and how to control thoughts I’m now focussing on finding ways toward giving.  Helping people makes me feel good, but beyond that, there is a little saying called “You cannot get without giving.”  It’s lifestyle choice that has been recognized throughout history.

Any chance that I get, I’m going to make that extra effort to lift people’s spirits.  It may be a friend that is down, or a stranger that is looking for friends, sharing a meal or making somebody laugh–I’m going to be receptive and compassionate.   I’ll do this by sharing my experiences or by lending observations to relate and uplift their soul.  I’m talking about sending high vibrations, but more importantly, making a positive impact.

Everybody comes to our lives for a purpose.  I like to think that everyone is my teacher.  It could be a wise person that stimulates intellectual thoughts, a complete jerk that tests my patience and anger management.   There is always a reason behind our interactions and everything is somehow connected.

With that being said, besides feeling good about making a positive difference, there are certain rewards that are gained by giving.  As a person that has a lot of goals outside of the traditional, mainstream paths, I’m looking to manifest big things.  And because of that my wishes take precedent over the normal 30 year olds lifestyle.  There is a lot that I want from the universe.

Here is a good quote that I found, which is an old adage mentioned in the “Secret of the Ages” by Robert Collier.   “He [who] profits most, serves best.”  If I think about successful people, I think about the exterior activities they partake in aside of work.  A lot of people offer some type of service to humanity.   This is how Karmic Law works.

I’ve spent several months trying to figure out ways of how I can help people.  I was always thinking the bigger picture.  But, like many people, I’m just not there yet.  So, it can be the simplest form of thoughtfulness, however that slight effort of a positive energy exchange can go a long way.  I have faith that one day this will come back to me and serve toward my dreams.   While the positive effects build up, I’ll then be able to do something much bigger.  For my wish is to have more time and financial freedom, so I can live to give.

That is my call to the universe.

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