GOA (20 Years of Psychedelic Trance) – Review

This is a very good documentary from a book, that explains the history of Goa Trance music.  The film has great footage from many festivals held worldwide, that have taken place throughout Goa’s rich history.  Prominent DJ’s discuss how Goa started, what Goa means to them, and how the music affects our state of presence  which puts listeners in a happy, shamanic, trance-like state.  The film is interlaced with 4  topics such as 1- History and Evolution. 2- Culture, Spirituality and Drugs, 3- Arts and Performances, 5 Festivals and Scenes.

The video has various Goa songs mixed into film, for an on-going experience of what Goa Trance entails.  If you’re trying to get a good understanding of this genre, this film does a great job of providing the appropriate Goa songs and psychedelic visuals that attribute to Goa Trance experience. The crowd shots prove that Goa Trance dissolves physical and cross-genrational boundaries.

Rating – 10/10