Honing in on “The Dream Life” : Sacrificing Spare Time to Manifest My Goal

What up people?  It’s been so long since I’ve written on this blog.  A few entries back I think I was in denial that my entries were getting farther and farther apart.   Although I miss writing on a frequent basic, I guess I’m accepting the fact that I’m not dedicating my life to slaving over this site.

When I first developed the concept of the site, I envisioned it to take off.  By now, the site was supposed to be more than a lone author blog.  Life has a funny way of opening new doors.  And although I think about this blog on a daily basis and even feel guilty about not making new entries, I’ve got to go where heart directs me.  This by no means says that I’ve given up on SeekersWay.  In fact, I love this blog and the name seriously kicks ass.  Even Rak Razam complimented me on the name once.

So I want to say that a lot has happened in six months since the last entry.  I’ve actually started a business within affordable housing.  The goal is to help people buy homes, get out of financial burdens and start-anew.  Yes, this is a “for-profit” ordeal and I’m not ashamed of it either.   In some of my ayahuasca visions, I did see myself being all shaman’ed out, doing real estate, somewhere around the southwest.

Bottom line, is that I cannot be a slave in the matrix.  I may have expressed this several times in previous posts, however my body/mind is wired for independence.  In order to achieve this dream, I must make significant social sacrifices.  No, not the kind of sacrifices that involves blood from virgin women, but sacrifices with my time.  In my free time, I’m not focussing on this blog or all things that include mindless fun or exercise (not that there is anything wrong with this).   In fact, I dedicate most of my time with chasing a dream that includes constant reading, researching, networking or flat out working.   I barely “chill” now.

Does all of this kill me?  It is a little painful.  While everyone is having fun and not working, I’m out there “running it.” The funny part is, is that people think that I actually love to work.  The whole point of this is to make my life easier.   So, no, IT DOES NOT SUCK.  I know what needs to be done now and It’s time to take charge of my life.

When I created this blog, I spent a lot of time looking elsewhere for answers.  It was fun expanding my awareness to new topics such as spirituality or even psychedelics.  I now feel pretty dam confident that what I’m pursuing is the right path.  It’s a calculated risk that I’m prepared to take.  Nowadays, I seek mentors and learn my trial and error.  I practice the Law of Attraction consciously whenever I can (competently or incompetently speaking).

So what’s the goal?  The goal is to create more free time, so I can feel secure and be financially free to do whatever I want, whenever I want–all within reason of course.  I would love to spend my time by helping people in whatever way that I can.  Even though I’m not “there” yet, I  still make attempts at doing so now.

If you’re one of the few readers that I actually have out there, then bare with me.  I still love sharing my thoughts and creating content, but the whole SeekersWay project is more of a hobby now, as I am a very busy man.  This may change in time, but this is where I and the site are presently.



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