Intelligent Dance Music is Back!

Electronica has taken a serious, negative hit recently.  I rarely watch television these days, but when I do, it’s usually to catch an NFL game.  If you’re in this boat or you just happen to watch a lot of tv, you may have seen several commercials that incorporate Dubstep in them.   A few years ago, while still underground, dubstep was pretty cool.  It seems as though this genre was succumbed to corporate filth.  I’m not writing this to put down that genre, because there are still some very good djs & producers making dubstep.  I’m writing this piece about a genre that stays very true to the early 90s European electronic sound and in my opinion, making a comeback from the dominating sound of dubstep.

This genre is called IDM or also known as “Intelligent Dance Music.” You can find several different explanations of it elsewhere, online, but to me it’s a blend between ambient, early drum n bass, as well as trip hop.   It’s a hard genre to classify, however the sound is not overwhelming, and as the name suggests, it really does have an intelligent feel to it.

I’ve been listening to an assortment of electronica genres since 1992.  Yes, I was 7-8 years old.  I’m fortunate to have been exposed to this stuff.

I’m excited to have discovered Modeselektor recently.  Their station on Pandora has quickly become a favorite with a few minor exceptions of the typical, random songs that Pandora thinks everybody likes (songs from Justice, specifically).  What’s got me jonesing about these guys, is that it sounds like there may be a revival to a beautiful, very artistic and techy sound, while blending in many modern electronic genres. Just like many artists that incorporate IDM, they’re sound is tough to single out, as an explanation. Regardless many elements within their tracks fall within IDM.

I’d like to share with you a few songs that I’ve discovered and also add in some classic IDM producers.  There is no doubt that this music has the ability to influence your  creativity.  The songs will take you to very emotional and deep places, unlike the popular new stuff that has given electronica a bad stereotype ( again called dubstep). If you’re looking for good music, please listen to my suggestions.  If electronica is not your sound, don’t judge me–I like a great variety of different genres.