Joe Rogan Podcast – #318 – Aubrey Marcus – Review

I’ve been pleased with Aubrey Marcus’s latest appearance, on the Joe Rogan show.  The two dug deeper intellectually and focussed on more serious topics such as the dangers of hallucinogens, breaking down the ego, to government policy/surveillance.

It comes to relief that they touched base on the dangers of psychedelics.  For anyone experimenting with such substances, it is important to understand the psychological drawbacks that can take place.  Most of Rogan’s podcasts do focus on the benefits of psychedelics.s

Not that I was alive, but from what I understand, during the 60s revolution, psychedelics became mainstream.  As momentous as this could have and may have been, it was the lack of education, in my opinion, that ultimately led to this revolutions failure.  Not respecting the effects, will ultimately lead to a bad trip.   If one is not educated in how to make a psychedelic experience, safe and fun, then there are some serious consequences.   Focussing on only the positives can lead to a bad trip.

Unfortunately, the podcast was interrupted by Eddie Brill at 1:26. The conversation deterred away to a discussion about comedy for 5 minutes.  Eddie disrupted the flow of they psychedelic conversation and you can tell Aubrey was a tad upset, initially.

The guys broke away from the psychedelic talk and discussed MMA, funny videos, Neanderthals, to natural disasters.

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