Joe Rogan Podcast – Philip Coppens – Review

Another great Joe Rogan Podcast here.  I was thoroughly interested in the topics that Philip Coppens and Joe discussed.  Unfortunately, at times, the conversation was interrupted spontaneously Brian Redban’s immature outbursts; thankfully Joe shut up him up each time.

It may have been because I was at work for the first half of my listening, but the conversation didn’t get juicy until the 1:13 mark.   At this moment in the podcast Coppens spoke of the connection of mushrooms and Ancient Egypt or ancients intelligence for that matter.  This intelligence is what they were trying to figure out.  How did the ancients attain this knowledge?

Coppens feels that our ancient ancestors were in communication with an intelligence, or a devine being of extraterrestrial form.  Rogan assimilated this topic with what Terrance McKenna called a “Higher Intelligence.” McKenna’s “higher intelligence” was the idea that enthe0gens derive from spores that were brought from an astroid.

What kind of intelligence did they talk about?  Rogan and Coppens discuss topics such as “elongated skulls,” evidence of “ancient air travel,” “Antikythera,” and the “Bosnian Pyramids.”  It was the ideas and formations like these that has Coppens thinking influence deriving from intelligence.  Another characteristic of ancient culture that supports this notion, was the fact that it was believe by society that the Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt acted as the “bridge between Gods and people.

How did the ancients instructed by this higher intelligence?  Were they visited? Or was it entheogens that put our ancestors in communication with other dimensions.  We may never know, but ancient art, writing and creations do suggest that some type of influence did take place.

For anyone seeking alternative history, this is a must listen.  Please enjoy it.