Joe Rogan Podcast – Timothy Ferris – Review

For those of you who do not know who Tim Ferris is, wake up.  I was introduced to “The 4-hour Body”  a few years ago and have been a fan of this fellow since page 1 of that book.  It pleases me to know that Joe Rogan invited Tim to his podcast for lengthly session.  A good portion of the conversation focussed on sports nutrition, dieting and MMA, however I’d like to highlight some of the other topics.

The first topic that I found interesting (at the 30:00 minute mark) is when Joe Rogan and Brian Redban brought up the idea of having LSD or DMT embedded into the common cold.   They threw the idea to Timothy Ferris and he agreed that it could be possible.  Rogan contrasted this idea,  of what could possibly happen to the experience with the dissolving ego that took place after 9/11.

The reason why I found this interesting, is because I’ve shared this same experience-growing up in Northern New Jersey-and have witnessed it firsthand.  Rogan discussed how there was a mass ego erasing.  It did not matter whether a person was working on Wall St. or homeless, there was a sense of brotherhood.  Communities gathered around, shared the same pains, while appreciating the true value in life, and not the b.s. that is associated with life.  People were friendly.  Rogan said to himself [while experiencing this period], “I hope this sticks.”  In all honesty, I too questioned how long this brief stint would last.  It all seemed nice, despite it really being tragic.

Following up on this conversation (at the 33:00 minute mark), Tim Ferris discussed his annual consumption of psilocybin mushrooms.  Ferris’s experience sounded more like a binge ritual; he claims to eat a half-gallon bag of the psilocybin mushrooms. Because of its intensity, he always has a “sober” witness, to make sure that nobody does anything stupid.   Ferris believes that taking a high dose of psilocybin mushrooms once a year will be enough to make a positive impact.  He states how psilocybin mushrooms “strip away all superficial needs.”  He calls this impact an “after glow effect,” where he gets in tune with his priorities, months after consumption.

Near the very end of the Rogan podcast, the guys talked about transformation.  Specifically with the evolution of predators and fall of civilizations.  A few topics that I’d like to explore that originated from this conversation are: 1) Rise of China, 2)Göbekli Tepe, 3)Centralized Food Production, 4)”Hogzilla”, 5)”Born to Run”, 6)”Letters From a Stoic.”

The podcast was very well-informed with an abundant amount of information, mostly related to human biology.


Review: 7 1/2 – 10