My Vision Board Helped

Lately, I’ve been a little stressed.  There is no way around it–I’m an American.  We’re the most stressed, overworked beings there are.  As a people, our society doesn’t really focus on well-being. The everyday activities finally caught up to me.

To chill myself out, I decided to smoke a little herb.  As a result I was able to think deeper into my thoughts, re-evaluating everything that has been bugging me.  I wasn’t truly relax until I started taking deep breaths while stretching. After relaxing, I looked hard into every detail within my vision board.

I was able to come to the realization that if I stick with what is on my vision board, I’ll ultimately have a rich life.  Understanding what my true values are and making moves to fulfill them has been a rewarding experience.  If I never made this vision board, then I may not have taken steps toward taking my ayahuasca journey.

Because I’ve intentionally placed my values in front of my face,  I’ve opened up to the idea of making a career change.  Though I’m good at my job, I almost feel funny being a sales rep, working extremely hard trying to make another dollar.  I want to change lives and make a difference.  Again, nobody will ever think to themselves on a deathbed, about the time they closed that big deal.  Nobody said that I can’t make money by helping people either.  I mean, we all need money–for me, I have bills to pay.

It’s been a tough process trying to figure out my career path.  The subject slightly bores me, but it’s so important that I choose something that makes me happy.  6 years ago, this was not even an issue for me, but I guess this is a part of being in your late 20’s, if you’re single with no kids.  The world is my oyster and my vision board always signifies this.

I’ll continue to post updates on this subject.  For more on my vision board, click here