Prepping For My Ayahuasca Retreat In The Amazon

In less than a week I will be travelling to the Iquitos region for a two week, 5 ayahuasca ceremony retreat.   In preparation, I’ve been gearing myself to having the proper clothing.  I’m not exactly sure if I’ll be in the jungle forests, though I’d want to, however I feel that I should get the attire that properly suits jungle environment.   After all, I love the art of bushcraft and I figure this attire will certainly suit me, for the future outdoor excursions.

In addition to researching proper jungle clothing, I’ve decided to pick up a few blogging tools.   I have a standard digital camera, which was great in 2008, that I’ll bring along for this journey. My goal is to capture a lot of the colors and hopefully record some video, so I can capture the experience and share this experience.  I’ve also picked up a digital recorder that I’ll record my initial, inexpressible reaction with.  Hopefully I can use the recorder, a few minutes before I fall asleep. For the times of when my brain is not flooded with information, thoughts and emotion, I’ve brought a journal. I’m looking to capture my experience, the Shipibo nation, culture in Iquitos and hopefully some interviews if I get that privilege.

I recently had a video conference with the participants.  I feel that this was a great idea and I’m already feeling way more comfortable by seeing who these other people are.  I’m really intrigued to know what they’re stories are, although this is a personal journey, so I must focus on myself.  What I mean by that is, I really need to think through my intentions, think of questions that may lurk in the back of my head, so I can gain invaluable knowledge from ayahuasca.

One of the most challenging tasks is to start and follow the Dieta.  For the most part, I eat really healthy, but this is a traditional Shipibo diet that will have me cut my regular options in half.  So, I’ll be restricted to a strict diet that will also have me cut out alcohol, marijuana, and sex. I must eat whole foods, mostly greens and non-citrus, sweet fruits.  Nothing processed, no spices and nothing that has sugar (which I’m definitely ok with).

Luckily in Iquitos, there are several restaurants that cater to this diet. For that, I’m thankful. For more information on dieta, check out this article on what the reasoning is, for the dieta, via



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