Ron Wheelock – The “Gringo Shaman” of Iquitos: An Amazonian Ayahuasca Healer

There are many westerners flying to Iquitos, Peru for a shamanic experience.  Because of this, their has been a shamanic boom in people who claim to be shamans.  Ayahuasca tourism has skyrocketed.  In my opinion, I’m not exactly sure why anyone else you would fly to Iquitos, unless it were for a jungle excursion.

Because of the influx of westerners, seeking truths, there are many new risks that are accompanied with shamanism.  I wanted to share this brief documentary with everyone. I’m so happy that Matthew Vincent created this film.



Ron Wheelock was actually the shaman that I was recommended to see, before I heard about the Amazon Convergence.  When I spoke with locals, they had nothing but good things to say about his healing center.  This statement was even backed up by another healing center owner, whom shares the same lawyer as Ron.

I get a kick out of the fact that shamans now have lawyers… 

From what I heard, his property is beautiful.   His staff really makes guests feel welcomed.  When you’re about to embark on an ayahuasca journey—or any psychedelic experience—it is always important to have the proper setting.  The setting is comprised of the people around you, the setting of the physical property (noise, lighting and comfort) and safety. It has been said that Ron’s property has all of the above; he even harvests the medicinal plants and food from his property!

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As you can see from the videos, Ron certainly practices an authentic Shamanic approach toward his ceremonies.  Even though he may be from Kansas, he certainly acts like a native Shipibo shaman of the Amazon.   During his ceremonies, you can hear him playing his drum and playing with the shakers, while chanting and blowing tobacco smoke—all to rid the bad.

According to Matthew Vincent, Ron Wheelock moved to the Amazon in the 1990′s to study shamanism.  From what it looks like, Ron is a “vegetalismo,” whom shares the Shipibo practices of maintaining a plant diet, known as “Dieta,” for is guests.  The dieta is thought to be even more important than the drinking of ayahuasca alone.  It’s a strict diet that cancels red meat, pork, citrus fruits, alcohol, sex, sugars, salt, spices, anything fermented and processed (to name a few) from the diet.  It is thought that this dieta will detoxify and lighten up users, to clear out any bad blockages.

Written on the “Ron Wheelock’s – El Purguero” Facebook page,  and in an interview with Rak Razam, it is said that Ron has studied under legendary currandero’s such as Don Jose Coral Mori and Don Agustin Rivas Vasquez.  Because of this, he has a vast array of knowledge for rainforest medicine.  His brew is known to be strong, that include several additives, which may be the one thing that he isn’t very traditional about (from a Shipibo standpoint).  His recipe includes: Ayahuasca, Wambisa Chacruna (known as Chagropanga), Toé (known as Datura), Chiri Sanango and Mapacho (jungle tobacco).  So be ready for a powerful experience. 








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