Saying Goodbye in Dreams

Throughout my life I’ve had very bizarre dreams.  Some could say that they are/were frightening, but I always just always knew of them as normal.  I never got freaked out by them, but vivid and extraordinary visions always had me wondering what the big picture in life really is.  I’m not going to discuss any nightmares, however would like to share a few instances (in time) of which deceased family members have appeared to me. Keep in mind that this is just one of example listed below, but of the dreams that I will discuss in further posts, these ones have set themselves apart and have helped me grow.

1998 was  a year spent with my grandmother being admitted in and out of the hospital.  One weekend she wasn’t feeling good, so my parents went to visit her, while I enjoyed a BBQ at a friends parents house.  I eventually slept over my friends house, but was greeted in a unique way by my grandmother, whom was living over 50 miles away and incapable of driving.

From what I remember, the vision began with me visiting my grandmother in the hospital.   During the visit, she told me that she wasn’t going to move on, so I spent that entire time at the hospital, next to her, while she was in bed saying “thank you” for everything, “I love you” and “good bye.”

When it was time to wake up, I thought that this dream was like any of my other dreams, so I went on about my day like any teenager would.  As the morning went on, I thought more into the experience and something felt a little off.  While playing in the backyard, my friends mother yelled “Dannnn, mom is on the phone!” My stomach turned as this was a bit out of the blue.  My mom eventually told me that my grandmother had just passed away.  As sad as I felt, I was at ease for I was given a chance to say goodbye.

This experience let me know that whatever I was dreaming, was a gift.  It has given me an appreciation for having family members in my dreams.  I used to get a bit spooked by them, but now they’re almost welcomed and as a result (unfortunately), more have come.  This experience also let me know that dreams are more than just dreams.  Our conscious state during a dream is loosly guarded and can possibly be a portal or another dimension for visitors to appear in any shape, form or setting.  Latter experiences only confirmed my belief, though I’ve never really studied this subject–but it is on the to do list!