Self-Discovery From Vision Boards

So you don’t have hallucinogens to utilize your free time for self-discovery.  It happens.  It happens a lot.  So what is one way that you can truthfully analyze your life, your goals, and your dreams, while being sober?  This can be simply achieved by a constructing a vision board.

I’ve had this on my to do list for over a year and finally completed mine only a few weeks ago.   My board would probably be different if I had created it back then, however much of the same principles would be there, as I have in the board that I just created.  My guess, is that I’d have way more material goods in there, supporting the dominant, competitive ego lifestyle.  Simply put it: house, a pool, supermodel, truck, and some new outdoor recreational goods.  By no means are those bad to aspire to, I’m just saying that my values are now different.

After completing my vision board exercise, I did not realize how much travelling, learning and volunteering meant to me.  I came to the conclusion that I have a lot to catch up on.  I realized that I’d like to live more in life, than have an amazingly paying job, that requires many hours away from home or living.   I realized that I have way more potential with my life then just doing the 9-5.  One thing that hit me–is when I’m on my deathbed–by no means am I going to say “remember that time I closed that deal?  That was fun.”

I wasn’t exactly expecting the results that I had.   I’d recommend doing this activity for anyone, in any age group.   It was certainly fun and I was able to work on it, while watching movies and hanging out with friends.  I noticed that certain phrases definitely have standout power, amongst the text that they’re a part of.  By creating a vision board, I was able to know what my real values are.

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