Starting Qi Gong: Learning From Master Energy Healers

So I’ve got a calling to continue learning about healing, specifically energy healing. From what I understand, Qi Gong is the ultimate activity as it comes to self healing and longevity, based off of using the vital energy of chi.  I’m looking forward to having more balance and discipline in my life, so I can achieve my goals by connecting with my heart.   Since coming back from Peru, I’ve been on a mission to better the world around me and this enters the path for my intention.   I will learn from a tight lineage that dates back many years.  This practice shall serve as a great alternative to detoxify and grow from within.

If you’re not familiar with what Qi Gong is, take a look at these three videos.   There are all sorts of variations on the practice, but this should give you a better understanding on what it’s all about.