The Book That Can’t Be Read (Voynich Manuscript) – Review

I happened to stumble upon this video and it was definitely the title that captured my interest.  The documentary breaks down the investigation of a encrypted manuscript by giving an analysis of which alchemists possibly created the book. Learning about these individuals was very interesting and the arguments made to prove their worthiness of writing this manuscript are strong.  However, the mystery of this author remains, as carbon dating has proven that the origins of the Voynich Manuscript date before the suspects were alive.

The images within the book are amazing.  They were images unlike any that were created before it–highly defined, botanical like.  As of today, we’re still unsure of what some of the images are, although many of the images resemble plant cells, under a microscope.  The only weird that is weird, is that, the microscope was yet to be invented.

After doing a Google image search, the images look like something from an entheogen trip.  Several images do detail mushrooms.  So is it possible that psychedelics were involved?  If you look at the images, you can make that assumption, although this documentary does not mention such a claim.

Sadly, nobody knows what the text says.

























Thick Mushroom Caps?


Looks like a mushroom to me
Trippy stuff