The Liberation Movement: Mixing Shipibo Icaros into Artsy Beats

Liberation Movement at the Fox Theatre in Boulder – 2013

I finally got a chance to see Liberation Movement the other night at the Fox Theatre in Boulder.  This is a relatively unknown collective that have been performing at the festival level for some time now.  Their online presence is virtually unknown, making them a relatively mysterious act.

I was pleased to hear the group mixing these Shipibo icaros into beats that had rap versus rhymed by Noah King. The group is composed of 3 members that include King (on vocals), Sasha Rose (mixing/vocals) and Grant Chambers [also know as Heavyweight Dub Champion).  The icaros were recorded at the Temple of the Way  of Light, outside of Iquitos, Peru.  Ayahuasca shamans that have been recorded, include Olivia, Manuela, Elias, Ines, Maria, Benancio, Celestina, Anita, Rosa, Antonio and Diogenes.

The band’s sound is extremely uplifting and powerful.  I definitely had a lot of fun dancing to it. For the bands latest updates, visit their Facebook page:


liberation 2
Liberation Movement at the Fox Theatre in Boulder – 2013