Told My Family About My Ayahuasca Plans

As I’ve already mentioned, I’ve told my family that I plan on drinking Ayahuasca in the Peruvian Amazon.  Sharing my plans, to consume a medicinal plant, has felt like the only right thing to do and I’m happy that I’ve made this step.  Several of my friends told me, that they would not dare take this step, but saluted me for doing so.

As time has passed, I’ve had to reassure my family the ayahuasca ceremony is something that I trust and am determined to accomplish, for I would have regrets from not taking this journey.  They’ve shared their concerns to me.  I’ve heard everything from kidnappings, to organs being removed, to me partaking in a cult like experience. The fact that I’m going alone to one of the most desolate areas in the world, under the influence of a potent hallucinogenic, is understandingly alarming.  I respect their worries, but I cannot fear about “what if” scenarios.

I do realize this may be their way of saying that they love me, but I’m meant to do this.  The truth is, I really don’t what is out there, but I’ve got learn to trust the unknown and this ceremonious experience has to be taken in with my own senses.  An ayahuasca journey to the Peruvian Amazon may sound completely foreign to my family (and most westerners), but I’ve been researching plant medicines for over 6 years and this idea seems completely normal to me.

 “while my resolve was put
to the test
then drowned in desire, our souls on fire
I led the way to the funeral pyre
and without a thought of the consequence
I gave in to my decadence

one slip, and down the hole we fall
it seems to take no time at all
a momentary lapse of reason
that binds a life for life
a small regret, you won’t forget
there’ll be no sleep in here tonight”