Touring the Ancient American Southwest

riverThis past week I decided to get up and tour the American Southwest.  Since I have the time off, I figured what better way to spend my time by visiting the ancient native lands.  The southwest is a very dry landscape rich in indigenous culture. The energies that I came across were nothing that I’ve ever encountered before, especially driving on RT. 89 and 160 through Navajo country in Arizona.

For me, it was a trip to get away, which was needed for self-reflection. This mini vision quest had me “alone,” feeling free as I drove across state borders.   I visited several national parks and camped along this journey.  I utilized my time by taking advantage of the landscape by hiking and shooting photography of the king-like, rock structures.

Right now, I’m in my Jupiter/Saturn years (ages 27-30).  With that being said, I’ve morphed significantly  through constant transformation of experiencing life changing events, that will only help to define of what I become.  I’ve had significant heart breaks, depressions, but have also had some of the best moments in my lifetime take place.   Out of it all, I’m much stronger and driven to follow my intuition.

This journey in many ways was needed for integrating everything that I’ve learned along this era.  When the drastic changes happen in such short intervals, the mind and body tend to freak out (at least for me it has).  Luckily, friends have said that I’m noticeably different—for the better. view 1

Each night I’d brew “shamanic” teas that induced dream states. My dreams had valuable insight during my time away.  During my first night camping, I ate some fungus in a very isolated area in the vicinity of Cayonlands National Park.  That night, I spent the experience gazing at the lively flames, softly playing harmonic rhythms and burning palo santo.  The spirits were certainly out, but all was well as I paid respect to my surroundings. I worked through the experience by having such mental clarity of my situation.

The spiritual highlight was when I received a random phone call from a friend.  I had been told that he was now channeling higher spirits.  He explained that he has the ability to channel four spirits named Benjamin, though they do not claim to be of any specific sex. That experience has really enabled the strength that lies within myself, to focus on what is most important for my well being. Benjamin explained to me why specific changes have taken place in my life and altered my stance on a few positions.  Benjamin shed light on the amount of promise that my future entails.  Because of Benjamin, all will be well with what challenges I’m facing.  It was like talking to a role model, from the divine.  All the answers were non-biased, though accurate to my current position.

In many ways, this trip was a direct challenge to the issues that I’ve been facing. By being alone, I exposed myself to world of vulnerability.  With my discomforts in hand I got to see the world from another angle.  If you’re ever visiting a tourist area alone, my advice is to embrace your weirdness, don’t try to fit in. I sat around several different groups of people from families, friends to couples.  There really weren’t many people doing the tourism thing by themselves.  Because of this all, I was truly in tune with my surroundings.

view 2Not that I was judging, but observations of others came as a result of the whole experience.  I got to look into others lives whether I was on a shuttle bus, hiking on the trail or at the campgrounds.  I really got to see how others operate within the matrix.  Just by observing, I saw much fear, unhappiness and a disconnect from the reality that takes place beyond their lives.  Most of all, many people seemed constrained on some level.  Something clearly happened to me to drive me to these stretches of the country, alone.  I wondered, if these “things” didn’t happen to me, would I even be at these places?  Would I be like the others, in company of others, visiting these lands while being disconnected to my surroundings.

Other highlights that took place for me was the hiking.  The Colorado Plateau is a special region where you can see millions of years layered on top of each other.  In some respects, you can arguably call this area one of the most unique in the world. Even though much of it is desert, there is life amongst it.  By hiking alone, this trip connected me with my inner child.  The thrill of adventure took place at whatever I was doing.  Each new step was a step to the unknown.  Because of it all, I was really present.  I really tested myself on some hikes, paving the way for others to follow at some points.

This trip was also the first time since I drove out to Colorado, where I felt a sense of personal freedom.  Road-trips are needed in the modern age.  Majority of the world is not comfortable with being lone.  There are few activities that can beat driving fast on an empty highway.  Nothing can beats a sense of freedom at the least.

Utilizing time for self-reflection and getting an understanding of the world beyond yours is vital. Have you given yourself  an extended period of time alone?  In many ways, my confidence has skyrocketed because of it.  I’m really looking forward to what I’ll be pursuing in the next few years as a result.