Transformational Festivals: The Free Spirited Primitive Future

Well, the concept of a “Transformational Festival” is by no means new. Through some conversations that I’ve had, it’s believed that these festivals have their roots from “Burning Man,” in 1986. I’m fairly new to this sensual experience; most of the festivals that I’ve been to, are associated to the “Jam” scene or flat out finger pickin’ Bluegrass. However, those festivals were always missing something, other than the raging partying that takes place.

Transformational festivals are something more. These festivals are focused on community building toward a modern, practical future. The emphasis to these festivals—besides providing amazing music— is to show the importance of humanity, sustainability and being free. Transformational festivals offer a place for us to step back into our ancestral roots, by dropping all of our ties to the modern world and its commercial pressures. Gathers are allowed a chance to free their spirits by dancing, dressing up and by being creative.

Unlike jam festivals, that is mostly music and party focussed, these Transformational Festivals have classes, healers, astrologers, and live artist creations—not to mention a community that is emphasizes love and humanity through hugs and sacred burnings of sage and palo santo. And if you’re into the partying, well then, you’ll find your share of “party favors”— for good deals (I might add).

Transformational Festivals are predominately electronic, however the term “electronic” is certainly very broad. From a musical standpoint, there are a variety of influences produced from all over the world, infused to create a vibrant, conscious, loving, trance-like state. If you do not like the sound of one dj, you always leave and walk to another stage, where the setting and theme is contrasting.

Take a look at what I’m talking about. Last night I actually saw a private viewing of “Episode 2” from “The Bloom Series.” Jeet-Kei Leung & team have produced a documentary focussing on how these festivals are evolving human consciousness. The difference between the production that goes into Transformation Festivals vs. normal festivals is remarkable. By watching the series you’ll have a true understanding of what people are working toward and a new found respect for electronic music festivals. Luckily the growth trend of Transformational Festivals shows no signs of slowing down, according to Jeet-Kei Leung.

I hope you get to experience one of these festivals. I will surely keep going.