Update: Two Weeks Into Qi-Gong

Well, I’m two weeks into my training and I’m learning two forms of my practice. It feels absolutely great thusfar, although I haven’t really even started yet. Right now I’m focused on Golden Shield (which is meant to activate my Lower Dantian) and hands (which activates the liver, pancreas, meridians and strengthens the hands).

I was told that by doing Qi-Gong, I’d start to activate my organs and glands. As a result my senses would essentially need rewiring. Because of this, I’d be doing a lot of inward focus and processing.

My teacher wasn’t lying. That’s for sure! As of now, I’ve been wanting to stay inside, or at least far away from large groups of people. It’s easier for me to set my comfort boundaries because of it. Apparently this “internal time” won’t last forever. I’ll soon be looking to spend my energy outward.

On top of the two practices, there is a challenge set forth by the school. I have the option to go the “formal” route or “non-traditional”. What that calls for is 100 days of abstinence. The purpose of it is to rejuvenate the cells within the body. Apparently it takes at least 100 days to do so. Because the practices activate glands, I certainly feel the difference. In all honesty, the work has the effect of supercharging the libido. It will certainly be a challenge, holding back my instincts.

The visual meditations involved feel great. My body is so relaxed after practices. I can sleep much better too. It honestly feels much better, cutting ties with the things that stunted my growth.

I’ll report back, periodically on the practice.