Spirit Symbols: Why Is My Beer Happy?

 You know, life works in mysterious ways.  Sometimes coincidences happen and synchronicity makes you wonder. A few days ago, I was at a very chill bar and mentioned something about my father.  If you remember, I’ve shared the fact that my dad has passed away.  It will always be a personal tragedy for me.

Anytime that I think of him, I always feel happy. There were so many good moments that outweighed the bad times.  I hold those memories with him to my heart so dearly.  And because of it, I’m pretty open about sharing some of these memories, that I was a part of.

It’s interesting of what became of my life, since his passing.  Like anyone who loses a loved one, I’ve pictured him as being in my life, until a natural death occurred from his old age.  Physically, he is not here anymore and because of it, life is drastically different, than what it would have been, if my wishful thinking did take place.  However, you move along in life, knowing that somehow, they’re still with you.  And there are moments when you just know that they are.

So as it is, I somehow started thinking about him.  Naturally, I always feel a sense of love behind these memories. I then smiled and took a sip of my beer.   As I looked down, I was stunned with awe.   My beer had a smile.  Was this just coincidence?  I’ve drank a lot of beers before and have never seen a spirit sign like this.   Was it wishful thinking?  Maybe, but I’ll take it, if that is the case.   Somehow, I feel that he made his presence known as my beer was symbolic for his spirit.

happy beer This world is filled with unexplainable mysteries, but are they really?  What I’ve noticed is that most people don’t look deeper into the symbols and signs that appear in our lives.  Some people just don’t even consider the concept of living in a spiritual or multi-dimensional world.  I don’t have the answer to this, but  sometimes magical things can be real.

That was a good beer!